Sunday, 19 February 2012

The coming of "iPadTV"

Finding ways to express content and turn the iPad (ok, no free plugs) "tablets and smart phones" into something closer to a television experience (that also combines the unique characteristics of mobile platforms) is accelerating:

A start up in San Francisco called Remixation has introduced a "TV Guide" for mobile platforms, an app called "Showyou" which shows thumbnails of all the videos currently playing on YouTube, Vimeo, etc that friends are sharing on social networks:

In the first major study of its kind, Nielsen, which tracks media use, found in 2011 young American television viewers are more or less watching the same television shows their parents do, but more and more young people are watching on smart phones and tablets, not on TV. 

And for the first time, in 2012 the Super Bowl was broadcast online - it scored 2.1 million unique views, compared to 111 million on television. NBC claims the game was "the single most-watched sports event ever online." 

I wonder how many people watched it on their iPad, um, I mean tablet?